Inclement weather can have a serious impact on your property and the trees within it. For  example:-

  • The combined effect of high winds and heavy rain can lead to trees being uprooted.
  • Lightning can cause temperatures that vaporise the water within the tree causing wood to split consequently resulting in part of or even the whole tree to fail.
  • Snow can bend and break limbs potentially damaging nearby wires, vehicles or structures.

The failure of part or all of a mature tree can result in significant damage to property or in extreme circumstances injuries/fatalities. Evidently having your trees inspected and maintained by professionals is key. Here at Epic Tree Care we are happy to offer advice to our clients on precautionary work to help minimise the impact and effects of a storm on their trees. Nevertheless in the unfortunate event of storm damage occurring Epic Tree Care are qualified, experienced and equipped to safely deal with the aftermath.

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